We offer an interesting online training program!

We invite you to an online course “SVERLYK AT HOME”

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Free trial classes every Wednesday!

We invite children from 9 years to the educational program “Sverlyk”

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Create your own projects

Modern equipped workshop for everyone!

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About the workshop

The Sverlyk creative workshop is a place where children and adults make and decorate, create interesting works of art from wood and glass with the help of Dremel and Bosch power tools. We offer interesting master classes in a modern comfortable and safe workshop, which is equipped with all the necessary tools, hood and personal protective equipment. Visitors to the workshop learn to cut, grind, carve, drill, mill, burn, engrave, paint, glue and decorate!

We invite children from 9 to 15 years old to the Sverlyk creative camp!

We cut wood, burn, engrave on glass, paint, sew, print on T-shirts. We spend our vacations useful and interesting - every day we plan two classes on different techniques! We make wooden Christmas tree toys, postcards and holiday decorations, which will be a wonderful home decoration and an original gift for family and friends.

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We offer master classes for birthdays in the workshop and on the go!

Your holiday will be interesting and exciting. In the workshop you can make an exclusive gift according to our samples or your own project. We will help make your holiday special, because the most valuable gift is made by yourself. Celebrate and do with Sverlyk! Groups for birthdays from 8 people - participation birthday boy FREE!

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Innovative creative project

It is a place where children and adults make and decorate, create interesting works of art from wood and glass with the help of Dremel and Bosch power tools.

Artistic and technical development

Visitors to the workshop learn to cut, grind, drill, mill, burn, engrave, paint, glue and decorate.

Author's program

Under the guidance of professional masters, students gain knowledge in the process of their own experience of project implementation, modeling and research of the material.

High level of security

The modern workshop is equipped with separate workstations, Dremel and Bosch tools, a hood and personal protective equipment.

For children from 6 to 99 years

Creative master classes affect the useful self-realization of the individual at any age. Classes promote individual and social development.

Useful family leisure

Family workshops help build good relationships in the family between parents and children. Spend time with family fun and rewarding.

Corporate events and happenings

The project contributes to the development of employees and building harmonious relationships in the team. Workshops will draw attention to any project or event.

We speak English

We speak Ukrainian, Russian and English, which allows us to participate in international events and projects.

We give creative emotions

Our gift certificates give you the opportunity to have a wonderful and unusual time, get new impressions and great results.

Classes for children

Classes in groups by season tickets during the year. The curriculum is aimed at children's development in artistic and technical areas . We study the properties of Dremel and Bosch power tools, use various attachments and nozzles. Students work with materials: wood, plywood, metal, glass, ceramics, PVC, leather, plexiglass.

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Programs for Adults

Dremel Mini-Workshop : nuances and examples of using the Dremel MotoSaw electric jigsaw, a Dremel multifunction tool. Woodworking and glass engraving: drilling, grinding, polishing, carving, engraving. VersaTipe burner: firing, soldering, decorative equipment - brushing. Wood milling: selection of grooves, execution of decorative drawing in milling technique.

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Master classes

We invite children from 6 to 99 years old to master classes in the workshop and field workshops , where you make interesting works on wood and glass with your own hands: wooden weapons, glass cards, wooden notebooks , cup holders, decor and decorations, wooden games, toys and much more.

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Own project

Own project - individual master class, where you can implement any ideas on your own original project. Coworking - Hourly rental of workplace, power tools, support of a master teacher. Orders - we carry out projects of various complexity to order. We offer creative solutions for the artistic processing of wood, glass, ceramics, metal and other materials.

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Contact request

    Kiev, st. Bogatyrskaya, 6а (Minskaya metro station)Lviv,Chervona Kalyna Ave. 58, Lviv Open Lab (behind Arsen Shopping Center)Outgoing (on your territory)

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    Dremel multi-tools

    The tools have no analogues in the world in their versatility and breadth of use

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    Each place is equipped with:

    • Dremel 3000 multi-tool with all attachments and nozzles
    • Dremel engraver
    • two-temperature glue gun Dremel GlueGun
    • Dremel VersaTip burner
    • vices, clamps, Dremel milling table
    • traditional tools (hammers, pliers, screwdrivers)
    • also MotoSaw electric jigsaws and WorkStation drilling racks
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